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At Varitronics Consulting, your business comes first. We tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two businesses are alike. Our experts develop ideas that solve our clients’ most complex and pressing organizational challenges. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you grow.

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Owners have the highest stake in the successful outcome of all construction projects, yet often owners are underinformed with regard to how Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) will benefit them.

While design professionals and an increasing number of contractors interact with construction technology on a regular basis, most owners do not have the luxury of time to stay current.

We can function as an unbiased owner's representative in the realm of construction technology, mediating between the ownership team and design professionals or contractors, ensuring the owner's best interest is of the highest priority.

The best way to understand the scope of this offering is a phone call with our team to discuss how this service relates to your company. At no cost and no obligation we welcome all calls, even if potential projects are months away.


When it comes to addition or alteration construction projects, the trade coordination process relies heavily on the quality of existing conditions information. Leveraging technology trends can drastically improve base model quality.

Using a combination of the latest available technology, we rapidly assist customers in obtaining existing conditions data. Output file formats vary based on customer requirements, so inquire with us about the possibilities. Our CM and Contractor customers then use these models for the base of coordination in Navisworks.

A powerful and exciting new documentation technology is a tablet based scanner by DotProduct used for obtaining accurate point cloud data of complex areas in the field.

For complicated mechanical rooms, laser scanning is the fastest way to gather information and is quickly becoming the industry standard. From tripod to handheld scanners, we can capture point clouds and deliver 3D and/or 2D information to meet your needs.


Tie project schedule to 3D model data for real-time schedule animation and review. This process visually isolates logistic challenges prior to start of construction. This type of review is currently required by the Port Authority of NYNJ and other government agencies.

4D modeling adds the dimension of time to the project team's 3D models. The introduction of change over time allows stakeholders to view logistics and sequence issues that may not be obvious in a static model.

In addition to use in project planning, firms are adopting 4D modeling and simulations for marketing purposes to display a competitive edge to potential clients.


Experience shows that the contruction industry is often feast or famine, requiring adjustments to staffing and resources during slow times and stretching internal resources and ability during busy seasons.

The thinning of internal capacity in busy seasons can be challenging. To help our customers overcome this eventual predicament we maintain staff skilled in various platforms and industries to jump in as needed.

We can quickly meet modeling requirements for projects gleaned from 2D information. We can send someone to temporarily join your team at any level, from draftsman to BIM manager.

Our success relies on the success of our customers, so we provide a high level of service for each engagement.


BIM Coordination has become a requirement for many construction projects, serving as a vital element in ensuring smooth collaboration and integration of building systems. With our extensive experience, we've worked closely with clients across various disciplines, guiding them through the coordination process.

From assisting subcontractors with model provision and active participation in coordination meetings to managing clash setups and overseeing the coordination process for general contractors, we've played a pivotal role in streamlining project workflows and enhancing efficiency. Our expertise enables us to address challenges effectively and facilitate seamless communication among project stakeholders, ultimately contributing to the successful delivery of projects.


We offer custom, topic-specific or highly targeted training customized for your particular needs and interests. Our expert trainers can come to your workplace and help you to apply the power of Autodesk software to your particular business requirements.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Call us now to find out!

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